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ZAO IskraUralTEL recommends Legal Business Solutions Law Firm to all Russian and foreign companies as a reliable partner for the legal support of business. As a part of a subscription legal service, ZAO IskraUralTEL enjoys a high level of service and prompt solution of set tasks: competent legal support, successful litigation in arbitration courts, due diligence and drafting of complicated contracts and international agreements, verification of business partners. The high level of competence of the lawyers of "Legal Business Solutions" Law Firm allows us to run the company without legal risks.


The Law Firm “Legal Business Solutions” is the official partner of the Association of the Italian industrialists (Confindustria Russia) Within the framework of Partnership agreement, the Law Firm “Legal Business Solutions” renders services of full-package legal counselling and represents the interests of the Association and its members before any courts within the judicial system of the Russian Federation. In addition, being the Contractor under the above-mentioned agreement, the Law Firm “Legal Business Solutions” is authorized to adjudicate the rights of its clients and to deal with any matters of legal nature in all Russian institutions and organizations. The Association of Italian industrialists (Confindustria Russia) encloses gratitude to the Executive partner of the Law Firm “Legal Business Solutions” for its close involvement in the activities of the Association and management of a conference in business breakfast form on the subject, which is topical for Italian business: local content in manufacturing in Russia as a tool for coming into the market of government procurement.


OOO «VERILION» has maintained fruitful cooperation with Legal Business Solutions Law Firm since 2015. The company provides us with proper and complete legal services, rapid legal analysis of contracts and business partners. We are fully satisfied with the work of the legal experts of Legal Business Solutions Law Firm and the high quality of provided services, therefore, we entrust the solution of complex and important for our company’s activity issues to Legal Business Solutions Law Firm with full confidence.

OOO "PO Techna"

OOO "PO Techna" expresses particular gratitude to the lawyers of Legal Business Solutions for the protection of our company's interests in the International Court of Commercial Arbitration and for the court victory in a major case on unjustified collection of damages under our company`s contract. We consider Law Firm "Legal Business» to be a reliable partner, a team of experienced and high-qualified lawyers and plan to cooperate with them on a long-term basis.


LUIS-Optica company has begun its cooperation with Legal Business Solutions Law Firm in 2012. With the help of high-qualified lawyers of this company, we manage to solve complicated legal disputes concerning accounts receivable, to protect our company`s interests in the Arbitration Court, to conclude safe deals and conduct business without legal risks. Currently, Legal Business Solutions provides high-quality legal services for our business as part of the subscription service. Such an operational scheme meets all our requirements to the full extent and is cost efficient for our company.

Individual Enterprise “Yugmontazhstroy”

Individual Enterprise “Yugmontazhstroy” assuredly recommends the “Legal Business Solutions” Law Firm to all foreign companies as a team of professional lawyers in the sphere of solving complex issues as to adaptation of business within the complicated and ambivalent legal framework of the Russian Federation. “We have long had highest regard for the operational efficiency of specialists, the level of customer care, and the quality of the services rendered”.